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Rewilding Chile

“The name Rewilding Chile promotes the idea that we will bring back species where they have gone missing. Where the gems of the country haven't been protected, we will help protect them in perpetuity."

Kristine Tompkins, cofounder Rewilding Chile.

Rewilding means helping nature heal, giving space back to wildlife and returning wildlife back to the land, as well as to the seas.


Douglas and Kristine Tompkins

we believe
the world
can be
more wild,
and equitable

Conservation in the
Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia

We have dedicated more than 28 years to promoting Rewilding as a comprehensive conservation strategy in the Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia, through the creation of national parks, the restoration of ecosystems and the active management of threatened species.

  • 7 national parks created
  • 3 national parks expanded
  • +1,2 million acres donated
  • +11 million acres protected
  • 8 species monitored


Photo: Hernán Povedano


Huemul National Corridor

An ambitious public-private initiative that seeks to reestablish this species’ population using wildlife corridors in key conservation areas along the Route of Parks of Patagonia.

Creation of parks

Marine Program

Our marine program seeks to create new protected marine areas that parallel our conservation efforts in existing National Parks and highlight the importance of conserving complete, interconnected ecosystems in order to guarantee ecological continuity.

Volcán Corcovado | Foto: Antonio Vizcaíno

Community outreach

Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia

We crafted the vision for the Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia in 2014, bringing to life this regionally-focused project with the belief that conservation-based tourism could be a powerful economic engine for local communities.



New marine expedition: exploring the waters of the end of the world

Our team carried out a 10- day marine expedition in the Beagle Channel and the waters of the projected Yaganes Marine Park, one of the eight no-take marine zones we aim to create to augment from 1 to 10% the protection of the coastal waters of Patagonia.


New rewilding adventure: Rescue and adoption of newborn rheas

Thanks to the collaborative work between Estancia Baño Nuevo, the organization Reserva Quimán and Fundación Rewilding Chile, a group of newborn wild rheas will help reverse the local extinction of the species in Patagonia National Park.


Community Involvement

“Defenders of Patagonia National Park”: connecting the youth of Chile Chico with the value of protected areas

The program, facilitated by "Descubriendo," environmental educators from the city of Cochrane, sought to strengthen the bond between the students of the Luisa Rabanal high school and the national park and to generate learning about the biodiversity it harbors.

Defensores del Parque Nacional Patagonia

Community Involvement

Celebrating Patagonia National Park’s 4th Anniversary with the community

Together with the neighbors of Chile Chico, we organized a festival to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Patagonia National Park and the first year of the community outreach program “Friends of Patagonia National Park” in early December.


Chilean national parks featured in Netflix documentary series narrated by Obama

'Our Greatest National Parks' is the name of the five-episode production that invites viewers to celebrate and discover our planet's most powerful national parks and wild places.

Creation of Parks

Rewilding Chile expands its conservation work in the region of Magallanes

Just as we have collaborated with the State to create national parks along the Route of Parks of Patagonia before, we want to continue working on large-scale conservation, including the Magallanes region.


Rehabilitated Andean condors released in Patagonia National Park

Pumalín and Liquiñe are two condors that completed their rehabilitation process in the Aysén region. 70% of Chile's condor population is in Patagonia, the largest condor hotspot in the American continent.


New wildcat monitoring program at Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park

Through a public-private collaboration between CONAF (Chilean National Forestry Service) and Rewilding Chile, 100 trap cameras will be installed in different locations in the national park, thanks to a donation by Panthera, an international NGO that promotes wildcat conservation around the world.


Creating a Huemul Rescue Center in Cerro Castillo National Park

The new project is a combined effort driven by the Intersectoral Commission for Huemuls, composed of CONAF, SAG, and Fundación Rewilding Chile. It’s an unprecedented private-public collaboration in Chile for the recovery of a species. The Huemul Rescue and Rehabilitation Center will be located onsite in the Las Horquetas sector of Cerro Castillo National Park. The center should be up and running by the second half of 2022.

Community Involvement

Discover the Passport of the Route of Parks of Patagonia

This unique initiative in Chile contains essential information to discover the unmissable places of each national park on the Route and the local communities. The invitation is to continue visiting the national parks during the low season.