Fundación Rewilding Chile

Rewilding Chile

“The name Rewilding Chile promotes the idea that we will bring back species where they have gone missing. Where the gems of the country haven't been protected, we will help protect them in perpetuity."

Kristine Tompkins, cofounder Rewilding Chile.

Rewilding means helping nature heal, giving space back to wildlife and returning wildlife back to the land, as well as to the seas.


Douglas and Kristine Tompkins

we believe
the world
can be
more wild,
and equitable

Conservation in the
Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia

We have dedicated more than 28 years to promoting Rewilding as a comprehensive conservation strategy in the Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia, through the creation of national parks, the restoration of ecosystems and the active management of threatened species.

  • 7 national parks created
  • 3 national parks expanded
  • +1,2 million acres donated
  • +11 million acres protected
  • 8 species monitored


Photo: Hernán Povedano


Huemul National Corridor

An ambitious public-private initiative that seeks to reestablish this species’ population using wildlife corridors in key conservation areas along the Route of Parks of Patagonia.

Creation of parks

Marine Program

Our marine program seeks to create new protected marine areas that parallel our conservation efforts in existing National Parks and highlight the importance of conserving complete, interconnected ecosystems in order to guarantee ecological continuity.

Volcán Corcovado | Foto: Antonio Vizcaíno

Community outreach

Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia

We crafted the vision for the Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia in 2014, bringing to life this regionally-focused project with the belief that conservation-based tourism could be a powerful economic engine for local communities.



Rewilding Chile is launched

After leading conservation efforts in Chilean Patagonia for over 28 years, the nonprofit created by Kristine and Douglas Tompkins launches a new name to reflect the central role of large-scale ecological restoration in fighting the biodiversity crisis and providing natural climate solutions for the global climate crisis.