New wildcat monitoring program at Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park

Through a public-private collaboration between CONAF (Chilean National Forestry Service) and Rewilding Chile, 100 trap cameras will be installed in different locations in the national park, thanks to a donation by Panthera, an international NGO that promot …


Rescued condors will be liberated at Patagonia National Park

Two Andean Condors were rescued in 2020 and will be taken on December to the Patagonia National Park to acclimatize to the area before liberation. The Patagonia NP area concentrates the most significant population of Condors in South America.


Creating a Huemul Rescue Center in Cerro Castillo National Park

The new project is a combined effort driven by the Intersectoral Commission for Huemuls, composed of CONAF, SAG, and Fundación Rewilding Chile. It’s an unprecedented private-public collaboration in Chile for the recovery of a species. The Huemul Rescue …


Rewilding Chile is launched

After leading conservation efforts in Chilean Patagonia for over 28 years, the nonprofit created by Kristine and Douglas Tompkins launches a new name to reflect the central role of large-scale ecological restoration in fighting the biodiversity crisis and …