Celebrating 41 years of the Alerce Andino National Park in style

Art exhibitions and workshops, talks, walks with magnifying glasses, Lambe Lambe theatre, and a lot of enthusiasm from the participants were the highlights of the celebration of a new year of life in the park.

 Correntoso – Although the rain did not accompany all the activities, this was not an impediment for the community of the Chamiza River Valley and its surroundings to enjoy a full day of activities around the anniversary of the Alerce Andino National Park.

 The anniversary program began on Sunday, 19 November, at the Correntoso neighborhood center with an inspiring talk by ecologist Juan Pablo Orrego, the opening ceremony gave way to the exhibition of art from the fungi kingdom, developed by the local community, the stone sculptures “Reflejos en Basaltos” by artist Marcos Fuentes and the handicraft fair Manos del Bosque (Hands of the Forest).

Other highlights included the Lambe Lambe theatre, a magnifying glass walk along the Huillifotem trail guided by fungi specialist Felipe Stuardo, an art workshop led by visual artist María Ester Chapa, and a community picnic where all the participants shared a pleasant moment.

 This is how María José Mora, a resident of Puerto Montt who went to Correntoso to enjoy the park’s anniversary as a community, puts it.

 “It’s been a few days now, and I’m still enjoying it. It was a very nice synthesis of people and different motivations, all brought together in one geographical point, in a park that brings us together and raises awareness. It was very enjoyable, there was a lot of laughter, many children, and family participation,” says Mora.


On the other hand, Viviana Shieh, coordinator of the Friends of the Alerce Andino National Park program, highlighted the participation and enthusiasm for coming together to celebrate the park.“All these people who came, all the neighbors who took part in this celebration, show our common interest in our park. Celebrating it, living it, caring for it, knowing it, and learning from it are actions that we seek to incorporate into every activity we develop as a program in order to link the communities near this protected area, the northern gateway to the Patagonian Parks Route,” said Shieh.

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