Dive into the coasts, fjords, channels and bays of the Patagonian Sea through Esri Storymap

Although 42% of the Chilean sea is under some protection category, in the Patagonia Parks Route – between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn – less than 1% of the coastal ecosystems (coastlines, channels, fjords, and bays) are protected. Through our marine conservation program, we seek to create a network of marine parks to effectively and equitably protect ecosystems, highlighting the importance of conserving them completely connectedly to ensure ecological continuity.

Since 2020, we have been conducting expeditions to document and monitor the biodiversity of the Patagonian Sea. Led by our Director of Conservation, Ingrid Espinoza, the team is composed of local marine biologists and photographers from other parts of Chile, and the collaboration of experts such as Ana de la Torriente, advisor to the marine program, and Alberto Serrano, a researcher at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

One of the axes that have guided our marine program is the need to make known the beauty and diversity of the Patagonian ecosystems to protect them. Thanks to the support of various organizations such as Blue Marine Foundation and Mar Isla, we have made several expeditions to areas such as Comau Fjord and Desertores Island (Lakes Region), Añihué (Aysén Region), and Magellan Strait (Magellan Region).

Getting closer to the beauty of the ocean, going beyond the darkness of the seabed, and immersing ourselves in this world, allows us to learn about its rich ecosystemic diversity, which we want to preserve for present and future generations. With Esri Stoprymap you will be able to know everything that hides beneath the surface and join us in our work to protect the Patagonian sea.

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