Our Work

Photo: Hernán Povedano

What we do

We work to counteract climate chaos and the species extinction crisis, acting to protect the beauty and health of the planet. Rewilding is our holistic strategy to conserve the Route of Parks of Patagonia through the creation of National Parks and marine parks, the restoration of ecosystems, the active management of threatened species, and the promotion of wellbeing among local communities, in addition to activism and public education that fosters a culture of conservation.

Our Areas of Focus

01 Regional Work

Our small, ambitious teams are locally based and possess a deep knowledge of the Chilean Patagonia. We focus our conservation work on the Route of Parks, with a holistic regional vision for restoring complete, connected ecosystems from the peaks of the Andes to the waters of the Pacific.

02 Public-Private Collaboration

Since 1993, we’ve worked with six different presidential administrations to create seven National Parks and expand three more. We’ve been part of the donation of more than 1.2 million acres of private land to the Chilean state, and facilitated the incorporation and reclassification of more than 8.6 million acres of public land, efforts that led to the creation of the Route of Parks of Patagonia. Collaboration between public and private institutions, academics, and a wide array of organizations regionally and nationally has played a central part in the effective long-term conservation of this land.

03 Conservation Development

We work toward conservation-based development, positioning the Route of Parks of Patagonia and its National Parks as engines to help drive local economies. As part of this effort, we’ve developed two “model” National Parks, Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park and Patagonia National Park, both of which have brought increased awareness and visibility to nearby communities.

04 Global Conservation Networks 

It wouldn’t be possible to do this work without the help of many allies. Over the course of decades, the philanthropic support of individuals and foundations from around the world has helped us develop these projects and continue the Tompkins’ legacy. Our organization is also part of the global conservation network that includes Tompkins Conservation (USA) and Rewilding Argentina.

Photo: Linde Waidhofer