Foto: Ingo Arndt

Creation of parks

In the world of protected wild areas, national parks and marine parks are the most effective large-scale and long-term conservation strategy. Parks have a positive ecological and social impact and drive economic development in nearby communities. In addition to this impact, national parks are an amazing way for a country to showcase its scenic beauty, wildlife, and cultural heritage for the world. To date, we have helped create seven national parks and expand three more, an effort that also led to the creation of the Route of Parks of Patagonia.

Foto: Eduardo Sorensen

Marine Program


Protecting wildlife, increasing diminished populations, and––when necessary––reintroducing species are all key aspects of park creation. Rewilding, or ecological restoration, is our core strategy for helping the planet regain its balance.

Community outreach

We know that conservation projects are more successful when communities are empowered to play an active role in these efforts. The Route of Parks of Patagonia takes a local approach, seeking to establish nature-based tourism models that promote regional economic diversification, directly benefiting local populations.